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Are you a licensed diamond buyer looking to unload your break-out melee and smaller diamonds?

Do you have customers offering to sell you diamonds with GIA, EGL or IGI certificates?
Are you properly trained to evaluate certified or non-certified diamonds to maximize your profits?
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Have you paid too much for a diamond because you did not understand how diamond pricing actually works?
If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, the expert licensed diamonds buyers at the The Diamond Valet can help.
Unlike many other diamond buying operations, we offer specialized expertise and decades of experience in the wholesale diamond markets.

The Diamond Valet offers:


1) Over 100 years of combined buying / selling experience in the global diamond markets

2) A trained and certified GIA Gemologist (G.G) and a GIA Diamonds Graduate, in-house, on-staff

3) Real time quotes for any GIA, EGL or IGI diamond

4) Certification services through GIA and EGL New York

5) Liquid payments. Upon offer acceptance money can be sent Fed Ex, wire or First Class Mail

6) A friendly, helpful staff with interest in helping you maximize your profits

Many gold buyers and diamond buyers have sprung up overnight across the country. Buying gold based on weight is easy – buying diamonds by proper evaluation is difficult. One mistake can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost profit or in actual loss if you pay too much. Take the headaches and worry out of the process by working with the experts at The Diamond Valet.

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