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Supply, Supply and More Supply!

Thinking about selling? It is important to understand several simple realities about today’s diamond resale market. I’ve provided a couple important details you should consider when contemplating the sale of your diamond ring or diamond jewelry.

The gemologists at The Diamond Valet keep a close eye on how the supply and demand of diamonds across the global markets ultimately affects the price offered on a particular diamond. In the last few years, despite a seemingly improving market, diamond supply is still very high, and retail buying seems to continue to stagnate along, with very little aggressive buying. Dealer and wholesale discounts have widened a bit more into January and February, as most dealers just have an abundance of supply in the .50ct. to 3.00ct. weight range. Even fine quality GIA certified diamonds in the VVS clarity and D / E color ranges have continued to stagnate along, with lower demand.

With this reality, it is critical for you to understand a couple of important details when you consider the sale of your ring.

1) Internet dealers will traditionally pay more than local dealers. However, on a sight unseen evaluation, many internet dealers create value ranges they never intend to honor. If a well cut 1.00ct. GIA G VS2 is being offered on the diamond exchange at about $4,000 cash, no one is paying you more for your diamond. No one, nada, not gonna happen. At The Diamond Valet, we provide honest price quotations and we never over-promise to our clients.

2) Appraisal values are meaningless when it comes to the sale of your diamond back into the trade. Sure, your retail jeweler created an appraisal value of $14,500 on your $7,500 purchase. But, this has absolutely ZERO effect on what the cash market value is for your diamond. So, while appraisals are helpful for our gemologists to begin understanding what you have, they should not affect your decision on how much you might sell for.

3) Your sentimental attachment to the ring, or the price you paid for the ring to a retailer has no effect on the cash value of your diamond. Remember, retailers have enormous overhead, and there is a reason they mark a $2,500 wholesale cost to a $7,500 retail value – they have bills to pay!

4) Internet consignment houses, such as the web sites where you list your ring and wait for buyers, are generally littered with dealers making lowball offers on your rings. I hear more stories about how an item did not sell, than I do about success stories. Not to mention the consignment fees of 15-25%. It is pretty much the same story with sites like eBay and craigslist.

At The Diamond Valet, we seek to provide an informed evaluation to our clients, so that you can make a wise decision about how to sell your diamond, and the right dealer to use for an outstanding experience.

As a GIA Diamond Graduate gemologist, I live and breathe the diamond market and I am always happy to ‘talk rocks’ with my clients.

Promises, Promises, Promises

Seasons’s Greetings From The Diamond Valet!

As we speak with our clients about the potential market value of their diamond, one issue continues to surface. It seems certain dealers, either local or internet, have a habit of promising ridiculous, near retail values for your diamond. Let me be clear – unless a retail diamond jeweler has a customer waiting on the other side of the showcase for your diamond, the price offer to you by this type of dealer is going to be much lower once the evaluation is made on your diamond jewelry. Why would someone pay more for YOUR diamond, when a similar grade and quality of diamond can be had for less, sometimes even below wholesale???

As a certified GIA Diamond Graduate Gemologist, and 4th generation diamond jeweler, I can assure our clients of a near 100% truth. No one in the trade is paying more for your diamond than it can currently be bought for cash on the RapNet Exchange or NYC High Cash asking prices. No one. Notta One. Zilch. Why? Let’s do some basic math.

Suppose you have a 1 carat diamond, G color, SI1 clarity, GIA certified as a Very Good cut, with decent proportions and angles. On the wholesale market, there might be 257 other diamonds listed with these same GIA certified credentials. All of them are priced within a pretty narrow cash range of $4,100 to $4,300. This is the price which wholesalers can pay for the diamond, or retailers can pay for the diamond prior to selling it to you, the retail customer.

Based on this information, your diamond will be worth about $3,200 to $3,500 to The Diamond Valet. Funny thing is, we hear of examples where our competitors are offering $4,000, or $4,500 for this type of diamond, particularly internet dealers who have not physically evaluated the diamond. But, the sad fact is that if you choose to deal with another internet vendor, we can predict with near 100% certainly that your price offer is going to come back lower than the sight unseen estimate the company provided to you. And further, the company likely never intended to honor the quoted price to begin with!

Nothing but games and frustration for these customers.

At The Diamond Valet, we speak to you about your diamond with the reality of the diamond market today. Pricing is very efficient. Supply in shapes and sizes up to 3.00 carat are in oversupply, as consumers continue to sell back to the trade at a faster pace than consumers who plan to purchase a diamond. Since 2009, the market has been flooded with uncertified diamonds of a carat weight and under. Many dealers are not even buying or offering for diamonds under 1.00 carat!

Finding the value of your diamond from another dealer can be a frustrating waste of time. Let our company make the best offer possible, based on real market driven price data. Instead of competitors, who trick you into thinking your diamond is worth a value that is realistically impossible to reach.

At The Diamond Valet, we handle it all the way!

Selling? Call Us First, Then Call Us Last!

If we are your first stop, we are certainly happy to talk about your diamond and it’s potential value. If you’ve already spoken to other firms, or you just do not have many favorable local options, call us last! Our pricing is competitive, our service is efficient and we are happy to provide a cash purchase offer based on the physical evaluation of your diamond.

Customer service is our number one focus! Yes, it is said all of the time. But, from the time you submit information about your diamond on our site, we are working to insure your experience with our company is flawless! Our gemologists quickly analyze your information to understand the potential quality and it’s corresponding cash value in today’s diamond market.

You have questions – we have answers. Give us a call today, 1-866-751-4396 or 717-818-1223. Or, send us an email with a description or the details of your diamond ring or diamond jewelry. You will hear from us same day, or by the next business day.

At The Diamond Valet, we handle it all the way!

Diamond Prices Softening – Supply Overwhelms Demand

Diamond Prices Softening

Those in the diamond trade look to Rapaport and RapNet for pricing information.  Just this past week, prices for most round brilliant diamonds were lowered 2-5%, on a per carat basis.  Noted in the trade report was the softening demand for VS and higher clarity diamonds, as well as triple ex (Excellent Cut, Polish, Symmetry) diamonds of high quality.

What does this mean for you as you try to sell your diamond?  There are several takeaways.  The most important is supply and demand.  Since 2008, when the economy suffered a major crash, luxury spending is down, and spending by the 99% has decreased across the board for luxury items.  We see it here at The Diamond Valet – we are overwhelmed with sellers and clients seeking to liquidate, and we are underwhelmed with dealer and retail interest.  The next factor in pricing is the quality of your diamond as compared to like quality GIA lab graded diamonds.  It is not important if your diamond is graded by GIA, but it is important when comparisons of your diamond are made with similar diamond lots.  Many jewelers in the past have made incorrect estimations in color, clarity and overall cut, and once your diamond is properly evaluated and compared, the price may be affected.

An important thought to keep in mind when you are considering the sale of your diamond is not only price, but also experience, and the quality of information provided to you by the diamond buying firm.  At The Diamond Valet, we spend time with our clients, so they understand the potential price levels for their diamond, based on the condition of the diamond.  If your local dealer is not having this conversation with you, then perhaps you should try our free evaluation service.  Whether we buy your diamond or just evaluate it for quality, you will at least properly understand the type of diamond you have.

Get in touch with one of our evaluation gemologists today to figure out what you have, and what it might be worth in today’s cash market.

At The Diamond Valet, we handle it all the way!

Another Great Testimonial!


A recent testimonial from one of our customers who sold a 2.03ct. uncertified round brilliant diamond in a 14KT solitaire mounting.

“Thank you for everything and you have been a pleasure to work with.  If I ever decide to sell any other jewelry, I know who to get in touch with!

Just another wonderful testimonial from one of our recent customers.  Are you considering getting a cash market value on your diamond?  The Diamond Valet is more than happy to provide you with current pricing, and a friendly explanation of how our diamond evaluation and buying service works to your advantage.

The jewelry market is tricky and values can be all over the map.  At The Diamond Valet, our experience allows us to explain to you exactly why your diamond or diamond jewelry is valued at a certain price.

Over the past 5-7 years, a significant portion of U.S. consumers have sought to sell their diamonds, jewelry and scrap gold for competitive market values.  We are happy to say that we hear from our customers that The Diamond Valet is continually the highest bidder for diamonds and diamond jewelry.

We buy loose diamonds, certified or not, diamond rings and wedding bands, diamond pendants and diamond stud earrings.  We also buy unwanted gold items, such as men’s wedding rings, chains and necklaces and fine Swiss watches.  If your local dealer is blowing smoke, or is not giving you a real, buy it now CASH price, you are wasting your time.

Try our service today.  It is free, insured and no-obligation.  Our evaluation service is performed by GIA Diamond Graduate gemologists, and our pricing network of dealers circles the globe.

Many companies are out there providing some type of service, but no company delivers a customer experience like The Diamond Valet!

At The Diamond Valet, we handle it all the way!

Throw Us The Keys!

At our company, The Diamond Valet, we have a saying: “Throw us the keys, and we will take care of the rest”.

Just like when you pull up to that fancy restaurant with valet service.  Before you know it, you are inside, enjoying drinks and dinner. Your experience with our company will be the same!   And before you know it, you will receive a check payment from The Diamond Valet!

As generational dealers, we are tied well into global diamond dealer networks with favored diamond wholesalers and retailers.  Over the years, we have cultivated a team within our network that understands the diamond market top to bottom, from round brilliants to colored diamonds, fancy shapes and everything in between.

We Are The Eyes For You!

When we receive your diamond ring or diamond jewelry item, we immediately inspect your items using the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) benchmark standards.  Your item is inspected and carefully evaluated by a GIA Diamond Graduate diamond gemologist, or a GIA Graduate Gemologist.  All of the characteristics of the diamond are noted, measured and estimated, so that we have a very thorough understanding of your particular diamond.  Our expert eyes provide our competitive network dealers with a complete description so that a price and value can be offered to you!  Your evaluation is completed usually within 2 business days of receipt in our offices.

Before you sell, or begin the selling process, ask yourself a simple question.  Do you want the best evaluation experience possible?  Or, do you want to deal with a local jeweler, likely uninterested in actually paying you for your diamond.

In other words, do you want to go to your local burger joint?  Or, would you rather experience valet service at a nice steakhouse, where your experience is nothing short of first class?

We would take the second choice!

Impeccable Service!

On a daily basis, we hear from our clients about our expertise in properly servicing our customers who are considering a sale of their diamond or diamond jewelry.  It is always nice to hear that our clients love our service, and we try our very best with each and every diamond evaluation to understand the quality and current cash market value related to a particular diamond.

As expert, GIA trained Diamond Graduate gemologists, we take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to efficient evaluations and purchase offers.  Typically, we have evaluations completed and purchase offers to our clients within 2 business days of receipt of the item.  And, when we make our offer, it is a cash liquid offer.  Not a consignment offer, or a ‘wait until it sells’ type of offer.  Current cash valuations.  Payable to you upon your acceptance. Easy!

If you are serious about the sale of your diamond or diamond jewelry, give us a call or email. Talk to Craig or Jen about your options, and we will work diligently to understand what you have, and offer our advice on current cash value.

Spring is sprung, the brutal winter is behind us!  Now is the time to free up some cash with a diamond asset you no longer wear, want or need.  Our valet service can offer you an impeccable experience!

Welcome to The Diamond Valet!  Happy Spring 2014!

How To Easily Sell Your Diamond For The BEST Price

Diamond prices can be hard to understand.  As gemologists and wholesale brokers, we check into the various pricing exchanges every business day to check prices for all types of fine quality, polished diamonds.  As a rule, we never assume pricing even for the most common GIA or EGL certified round brilliants under 1 carat.  We ALWAYS check to make sure we are connected to current diamond pricing information so that we can provide the highest payment possible to our clients.

How do we keep our ear to the ground with diamond prices?  We belong to RapNet(tm) which is the diamond wholesaler broker / buyer’s version of the New York Stock Exchange, for comparison purposes.  We talk to cutters and polishers around the key cutting and distribution centers throughout the world.  We talk to local, regional and national jewelers to get an idea of how much they are paying for certain diamonds.  In other words, we look at the whole network of dealers BEFORE we make an offer to buy your diamond.

It certainly is possible to sell your diamond ring on craigslist or ebay.  However, we know through conversations with our clients that these methods are not easy nor hassle free.  Not to mention the security aspect of meeting someone over a cash transaction in a mutually secure location.  It truly is impossible to understand who you are dealing with during a typical online transaction using these classified advertisements.

Let us make it easy.  We provide convenient shipment options where we provide the shipment packaging.  Insurance is always included.  Your package is carefully handled all along it’s journey from you to our offices.  Once received, we contact you to let you know our Purchase Offer will be ready in about 24 hours.  Diamonds are not removed from the setting during evaluation.  Payments are made within 1 business day after your acceptance of our offer.

The Diamond Valet has made it really incredibly easy to sell your diamond for the best price.  We beat offers almost daily from independent jewelers and even leading online diamond buyers who compete with our company.

Do it to today!  At The Diamond Valet, we handle it all the way!

You Get What You Sell For

No doubt, you have heard the expression ‘you get what you pay for’. Here at The Diamond Valet, we believe ‘you get what you sell for’. Seems painfully obvious, but many of our clients unfortunately attempt to sell a diamond ring or a piece of fine jewelry without really understanding WHO they are selling to. With the proliferation of gold buyers, diamond buyers and watch buyers, it certainly can be confusing for you to determine who really knows what they are doing in the diamond profession.

At The Diamond Valet, we create a unique and personal interaction with our clients. No matter if through email, phone call, personal appointment or a FaceTime / Skype call, our Client Managers take the time to understand exactly what you have and it’s unique value. When we receive accolades from our clients like ‘you are an honorable company’, or ‘it was a pleasure doing business with you’, we know we are on the right track with treating our clients as we would want to be treated.

It is really simple, but so many new dealers in the gold and diamond market really have little idea of how to treat a client, how to value merchandise and how to actually make a transaction happen in a timely manner. We have heard a couple of horror stories about certain dealers – a few bad apples can spoil the bunch.

When you transact with our company either in person or via our exclusive internet courier services, you will receive:

1) Courteous and professional respect, from start to finish. We value every client, from a $100 sale to a $1,000,000 sale.

2) Prompt communication and evaluation of your items. Once in hand, we evaluate and make our Purchase Offers within 24 hours. Not days, not weeks and we certainly do not keep you in limbo.

3) Prompt payment. Money is money, and when it’s yours, you deserve to have it quickly. No hemming and hawing on our part. When we make an offer, we stand ready to issue payment immediately for your items. We offer payment via First Class mail, expedited Federal Express / UPS, bank wire, cashier check and company check.

We can all agree that 20 years later, the internet has become a powerful tool for consumers and business to reach each other in a safe and secure manner. After all, if you can buy a diamond or diamond jewelry from an internet retailer, it certainly makes sense to sell to an internet buyer like The Diamond Valet when the time is right. You no longer need to make that visit to your local jeweler or pawnshop to conduct your transaction and you will most likely receive a much better offer! Explore your options with a quick call or email, or simply complete the form to the right.

Check out our site. Contact us with any questions. Or, if you are just looking for honest advice, give us a call or an email. And remember, ‘you get what you sell for’.

The Importance of a GIA Certified & Trained Graduate Gemologist

You have come to our company because you are interested in selling your diamond. If your diamond is larger than .47 carats, the best way to maximize the sale price is to have a GIA Certified and trained Graduate Gemologist evaluate your item. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is THE benchmark for diamond certifications across the globe. The difference between utilizing a GIA Graduate Gemologist and you ‘local jeweler’ can mean better service, complete diamond evaluations and ultimately more money in your pocket.

Here at The Diamond Valet we have a trained expert GIA Certified Gemologist on staff, in the office. Noam Efron, GIA G.G. and Alumni of the Gemological Institute of America lives and breathes the evaluation of diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Noam brings years of direct gemologist experience to The Diamond Valet. When your diamond ring, earrings or any other diamond item is received in our office, Noam is the final word on the evaluation and characteristics of your item.

The importance of a having a Graduate Gemologist in-house, on staff can not be over emphasized. If your diamond is evaluated by a lesser trained individual, there is nearly a 100% chance that at least one of the characteristics of your item (the 4C’s) will be inaccurate, thus affecting the amount of money you might receive for your item. Sometimes, just the difference in a Color grade, or a Clarity grade can mean the difference between hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Bottom line – if you plan to sell your diamond, please PLEASE consider a company with a GIA trained Graduate Gemologist in-house. There are many operators in the diamond market who do not always provide 100% of the truth when it comes to the evaluation of your item. Do not let these types of operators pay less than the true, market value of the diamond.

At The Diamond Valet, we handle it all the way. And with a GIA G.G. on staff, we are always confident that the offer we make is based on the latest techniques for evaluating a diamond and not a local jeweler’s opinion.

Begin your evaluation today by filling out the Evaluation Form to the right. The evaluation costs nothing and if you are ready to sell, we are ready to make an offer!

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