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The Diamond Valet operates with three goals in mind – convenience, a secure transaction and complete customer satisfaction. Our gemological evaluation and information services provide you with information to help you consider the sale of your item.

If you’ve inherited a diamond ring, if you are divorced or if you just do not wear or want your diamond ring, we are here to make the process of selling your diamond ring safe and easy.

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The operating principal of the company has years of experience providing evaluations for diamond rings, jewelry, fine watches and other valuable items. Evaluation services are offered throughout the United States, and the company provides secure and insured transit services with USPS and UPS or Federal Express. Competitive offers are made after careful evaluation, and our clients can decide the next best step. Competitive prices and excellent service has contributed to the company’s growing reputation as a leader in the evaluation of consumer diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Our goal is to provide service representatives who work with you to give you the best experience possible as well as the proper information about your item. Please contact us via email, toll-free at 800.401.4090 or (text) 410-736-9222. Please also read some of our customer testimonials. Our service really works, it is FREE and you will enjoy your experience with The Diamond Valet.

The Diamond Valet provides information about your jewelry items based on the information furnished to us. If you are compelled to seek an objective, market based evaluation, simply fill out the form on the right, or send us email.

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We buy reports from the following grading agencies, as well as other independent labs like AGS and HRD.