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Supply, Supply and More Supply!

Thinking about selling? It is important to understand several simple realities about today’s diamond resale market. I’ve provided a couple important details you should consider when contemplating the sale of your diamond ring or diamond jewelry. The gemologists at The Diamond Valet keep a close eye on how the supply and demand of diamonds across … Read more

Promises, Promises, Promises

Seasons’s Greetings From The Diamond Valet! As we speak with our clients about the potential market value of their diamond, one issue continues to surface. It seems certain dealers, either local or internet, have a habit of promising ridiculous, near retail values for your diamond. Let me be clear – unless a retail diamond jeweler … Read more

Selling? Call Us First, Then Call Us Last!

If we are your first stop, we are certainly happy to talk about your diamond and it’s potential value. If you’ve already spoken to other firms, or you just do not have many favorable local options, call us last! Our pricing is competitive, our service is efficient and we are happy to provide a cash … Read more

Diamond Prices Softening – Supply Overwhelms Demand

Diamond Prices Softening Those in the diamond trade look to Rapaport and RapNet for pricing information.  Just this past week, prices for most round brilliant diamonds were lowered 2-5%, on a per carat basis.  Noted in the trade report was the softening demand for VS and higher clarity diamonds, as well as triple ex (Excellent … Read more

Another Great Testimonial!

  A recent testimonial from one of our customers who sold a 2.03ct. uncertified round brilliant diamond in a 14KT solitaire mounting. “Thank you for everything and you have been a pleasure to work with.  If I ever decide to sell any other jewelry, I know who to get in touch with! Just another wonderful testimonial … Read more

Throw Us The Keys!

At our company, The Diamond Valet, we have a saying: “Throw us the keys, and we will take care of the rest”. Just like when you pull up to that fancy restaurant with valet service.  Before you know it, you are inside, enjoying drinks and dinner. Your experience with our company will be the same! … Read more

Impeccable Service!

On a daily basis, we hear from our clients about our expertise in properly servicing our customers who are considering a sale of their diamond or diamond jewelry.  It is always nice to hear that our clients love our service, and we try our very best with each and every diamond evaluation to understand the … Read more

How To Easily Sell Your Diamond For The BEST Price

Diamond prices can be hard to understand.  As gemologists and wholesale brokers, we check into the various pricing exchanges every business day to check prices for all types of fine quality, polished diamonds.  As a rule, we never assume pricing even for the most common GIA or EGL certified round brilliants under 1 carat.  We … Read more

You Get What You Sell For

No doubt, you have heard the expression ‘you get what you pay for’. Here at The Diamond Valet, we believe ‘you get what you sell for’. Seems painfully obvious, but many of our clients unfortunately attempt to sell a diamond ring or a piece of fine jewelry without really understanding WHO they are selling to. … Read more