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Diamond Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have diamond questions? The Diamond Valet handles it all the way!  But, we know you might have questions about how our process of buying your diamond ring or diamond jewelry works. Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers are described below.  However, please contact us if you have any additional questions.  We are here to help you!

Who Is The Diamond Valet?
The principals behind The Diamond Valet are experts in the evaluation of diamond rings and diamond jewelry.  Our GIA trained diamond graders can carefully grade your diamond to uncover the current market value for your item.  With nearly 100 years in the diamond and jewelry trade, we can confidently handle the purchase of your diamond with confidence, integrity and trust.  The experts at The Diamond Valet have been providing our internet customers across the United States with top-level service during the process of selling diamonds, precious metals and watches online. We’ve made it easy and convenient for our customers.  Our secure transaction process ensures you receive first class service when you submit your diamond ring for evaluation.

Do You Provide Sight Unseen Offers To Purchase My Diamond?
Generally, if you provide a detailed description of your diamond, such as shape, carat weight, color and clarity, we can make an estimated offer for your diamond or diamond ring.  We use current diamond market price data to determine a range price offer for your diamond in order to make a competitive offer for your diamond.  Ultimately, we do need to physically evaluate your diamond in our offices to make our best offer.  We have a convenient and secure shipping solution for you which allows us to carefully grade your diamond and make our best offer.

What Kinds Of Diamonds Do You Buy?
The Diamond Valet is interested in all types of diamonds and diamond rings.  If you’ve inherited a diamond, if you are divorced or if you just no longer wear or want your diamond, we are interested in evaluating your diamond ring. We buy diamonds from all leading retail and boutique retailers, such as Zales®, Kay®, Reeds Jewelers® and Jared’s®. We consider all shapes, sizes and quality of diamonds. We are also interested in broken, misshapen, chipped and enhanced diamonds. From round brilliant diamonds to fancy shapes and smaller accent diamonds, we can make an offer when you are ready to sell your diamond.  Let us know what you have by completing our Evaluation Request Form and we can take it from there!

How Do You Value My Ring?
The Diamond Valet has access to current and timely diamond market price data.  Based on your description and our physical evaluation of your ring, we compare the quality and characteristics of your diamond against similar quality diamonds available in the diamond trade market across the globe.  We can then determine current and timely prices for your diamond to make our best offer.

Do I Need To Send My Appraisal Or Laboratory Certificate?
Appraisals are generally a jeweler’s interpretation of the characteristics of your diamond jewelry and then the associated retail replace cost.  If you have a recent appraisal, feel free to include it, but it is not necessary.  If you still have your laboratory certificate, such as from GIA, EGL or IGI, please include either the original or a copy with your shipment.  We can also review the characteristics of your diamond if you provide us with a GIA, EGL or IGI certificate number.  These organizations allow online access to the diamond report with the exact carat weight and the report number.

Do You Remove My Diamond During Evaluation?
Generally, there is no need to remove a diamond from prong settings. If you diamond is bezel or tension set, we might ask permission to remove the stone to complete our evaluation and make our best offer.  Once your diamond ring is received in our office, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the general condition of the ring. We also inspect the general condition of the ring and diamond.  After evaluation, if you decide you do not wish to sell your diamond to The Diamond Valet, we simply return your ring to you via insured shipping in the exact condition as it was received.

Why Sell To The Diamond Valet?
In a word – convenience!  We have made it very easy and convenient for you to receive the best offer for your diamond.  Our shipping solution allows for delivery of our exclusive and FREE return shipment service.  We utilize insured Federal Express and USPS Priority insured for shipment of your diamond ring to our offices.  We understand the emotional and sentimental ties you may have to your diamond, particularly if you have inherited your diamond or if you are divorced and no longer wear your diamond ring.  Our compassionate service representatives create a very pleasant experience during our evaluation and payment process.  It is safe to say that when it comes to expert service, professional courtesy and prompt payment, the representatives and principals of The Diamond Valet know how to provide the experience you need when selling your diamond.

How Do I Receive Payment?
Once your diamond ring is received in our offices, we conduct a thorough inspection of your item.  Within 48 hours of evaluation, we then provide an email offer which details the price we are willing to offer for your diamond.  We consider the weight of the precious metals, any accent diamonds and the center diamond for valuation.  These ‘sum of the parts’ are then used to calculate the best price we can offer for your diamond.  If you agree to the offer price, we then send you a cashier’s or company check via 2nd day mail (Fedex, USPS Priority or UPS). We can also offer wire money direct to your bank account, or send payment via Paypal and Venmo (up to $2,500.00).

How Long Does The Process Take?
Generally it takes about 1-2 business days to complete the evaluation and provide an offer to you. With mail transit times, tack on another few days or so, depending on service.

What If I Do Not Sell To The Diamond Valet?
If you are not satisfied with your Purchase Offer for any reason, we simply return your ring in the same condition as received.  If you are not ready to sell, our offer is guaranteed for up to 10 days after you receive your item back from us.  We will keep your Purchase Offer on file and if in the future you wish to contact us again about the sale of your diamond ring, we can review our notes and provide another offer for your ring.  Our goal is to provide you with the best price and the best experience when dealing with The Diamond Valet.

Are You A Retailer Or Pawnshop?
No!  Unlike other dealers in the internet market, we do not retail your diamond ring after we purchase it from you.  We utilize our dealer networks and market price data sources to compare your diamond to current asking prices for similar diamonds within the trade.  We do not offer pawn or loan services – our offer is to buy your diamond ring and provide you with convenient payment so that you can move on.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call us at 1-800-401-4090. You can also text direct to 410-736-9222.  We are always ready to hear about your situation and provide the best advice possible when selling your diamond ring.  We are here to help and our vast experience in the internet diamond industry allows us to ensure that you feel comfortable selling your diamond ring to The Diamond Valet.

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