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How To Easily Sell Your Diamond For The BEST Price

Diamond prices can be hard to understand.  As gemologists and wholesale brokers, we check into the various pricing exchanges every business day to check prices for all types of fine quality, polished diamonds.  As a rule, we never assume pricing even for the most common GIA or EGL certified round brilliants under 1 carat.  We ALWAYS check to make sure we are connected to current diamond pricing information so that we can provide the highest payment possible to our clients.

How do we keep our ear to the ground with diamond prices?  We belong to RapNet(tm) which is the diamond wholesaler broker / buyer’s version of the New York Stock Exchange, for comparison purposes.  We talk to cutters and polishers around the key cutting and distribution centers throughout the world.  We talk to local, regional and national jewelers to get an idea of how much they are paying for certain diamonds.  In other words, we look at the whole network of dealers BEFORE we make an offer to buy your diamond.

It certainly is possible to sell your diamond ring on craigslist or ebay.  However, we know through conversations with our clients that these methods are not easy nor hassle free.  Not to mention the security aspect of meeting someone over a cash transaction in a mutually secure location.  It truly is impossible to understand who you are dealing with during a typical online transaction using these classified advertisements.

Let us make it easy.  We provide convenient shipment options where we provide the shipment packaging.  Insurance is always included.  Your package is carefully handled all along it’s journey from you to our offices.  Once received, we contact you to let you know our Purchase Offer will be ready in about 24 hours.  Diamonds are not removed from the setting during evaluation.  Payments are made within 1 business day after your acceptance of our offer.

The Diamond Valet has made it really incredibly easy to sell your diamond for the best price.  We beat offers almost daily from independent jewelers and even leading online diamond buyers who compete with our company.

Do it to today!  At The Diamond Valet, we handle it all the way!