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How It Works

How To Sell A Diamond! We have made it easier than ever to receive a FREE evaluation and purchase offer for your diamond ring.

It’s easier than ever to learn how to sell a diamond. Our process allows you to sell your diamond ring from the comfort of your home, office or workplace.  Our GIA trained diamond graders will evaluate your diamond ring usually within 48 hours of receipt in our office.  A written offer is then sent to you via email or text and is good for up to seven (7) days.  We’ve outlined the process below.  For a complete list of what we buy, please click here.

Step One: Complete our Evaluation Form

Tell us a little bit about the diamond ring item you wish to sell.  Submit your FREE Diamond Evaluation form and a representative from The Diamond Valet will contact you by email or phone to confirm the delivery address for your personal Valet Return Package. We will answer any questions you may have.  You can email or speak to us directly at any point in the evaluation process.

Step Two: Receive our Free Valet Return Package

This package contains the insured return shipment package to safely and quickly send your diamond ring to our office for your free evaluation.  Please include any GIA, EGL, IGI or certification paperwork you may have received with your ring.  It’s OK if you’ve lost or misplaced this paperwork – we still physically evaluate and grade your diamond.  Upon receipt of your package in our office, we will contact you via email or phone to confirm delivery of your diamond ring. Make sure to also include the Return Sheet, signed with your State ID Number.

Step Three: We Evaluate & Inspect Your Item(s)

Your item is carefully evaluated so that we can make a competitive purchase offer.  Our GIA trained grader checks your ring for overall condition, carat weight, color and clarity.  We do not remove any diamonds from the ring mounting.  The purchase offer is based on the overall quality of your diamond ring, current market trade pricing and the general demand for your quality of diamond.

Step Four: Accept Our Offer

Once evaluation is complete, your offer is emailed to you and is good for up to ten days.  Upon acceptance of our written offer, your payment can be mailed to you within 24 hours.  Payment can be made by company bank check, cashier’s check, PayPal and Western Union. If for any reason you wish to not accept our offer, we can return your item back to via insured shipping by Federal Express or USPS Priority Mail.