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What is my diamond worth?

You have obviously asked yourself ‘how much is my diamond worth’? Are you ready to consider a serious offer for your unwanted diamond ring or diamond jewelry? Are you divorced and ready to sell a diamond ring you no longer wear? Have you inherited a diamond and you are ready to cash out? The Diamond Valet is here to answer the question ‘how much is my diamond ring worth?’ We provide competitive offers for diamond rings and diamond ring jewelry. We attempt to explain how your diamond is currently valued by dealers in the major diamond trading centers, such as India, China, Israel, United States, Australia, Belgium and South Africa.

Similar to how diamonds are priced for retail sale, many factors are considered to arrive at a value for The Diamond Valet to purchase your diamond ring. Our expert GIA diamond graders compare the quality of your diamond to other like diamonds available in the dealer trade market place. Characteristics such as color, clarity, shape, cut and carat weight play a significant factor in valuing your diamond for purchase.

As an example, a one carat, H color, SI1 clarity round brilliant will usually sell for less than a one carat E color, VS2 clarity round brilliant diamond. Of course, we always need to physically evaluate your diamond ring to give you the most competitive offer. A true diamond expert can size up a diamond fairly quickly, but it is extremely important for both parties to understand how the grade and quality are achieve.

Once you submit your item to us, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your diamond ring. We check overall condition of the diamond(s), such as any chips, cracks or external damage. We compare the clarity, color and overall cut of the diamond against a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) master set of diamonds, which range from D color through M color and VVS clarity through I2 clarity. We never remove the diamond from the ring mounting or jewelry mounting without prior permission from you, our client.

Unlike many of our competitors, we also consider any accent diamonds (smaller diamonds) and the weight and style of the ring mounting, such as 14KT or 18KT gold, palladium or platinum. Once the details of your diamond are documented by one of our diamond graders, our Purchase Offer is completed and emailed to you.

The entire process is very convenient for you. You can get the best price for your diamond ring without ever leaving your home or office!

At The Diamond Valet, we handle it all the way. Get started today by completing the form on the right side of this page. Check our credentials, and by all means, ask us for a reference. We are glad to assist!