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Make The Right Decision When You Sell Diamonds

Have you walked into a pawn shop or local retail jeweler to sell diamonds and a) not been treated with care and respect, b) had your item casually evaluated and then c) given a price and experience that just leaves a bad taste in your mouth?

We hear it from our clients all of the time.  Here is a recent snippet of phone conversation from one of our customers, who eventually decided to sell to The Diamond Valet after visiting a couple of local area ‘diamond buyers’.

“I wanted to let you know that I found you guys online after being totally exasperated with running to several area jewelers.  As I listed on your Evaluation Form, I have a .76 carat round brilliant, F color and SI1 clarity, with a GIA certificate.  I know the ring has some value so I decided to check locally.  One shop, advertising itself as ‘gold and diamond buyers’ gruffly handled my ring, looked at it for less than 60 seconds and blurted, ‘I’ll give you $580’ for the ring.  Cynically, I asked if that price included the center diamond!  I felt like running from that shop.  The other place I went to was a pawn shop / jeweler boutique.  They spent a bit more time with the ring, while passing it between three employees back and forth.  They offered $610 for the ring.  At this point, I was a bit worried.  I know my ex-husband had paid around $3,900 for this ring and I felt I could get a better price and a better experience.”

“I decided to research online and found your site.  After emailing and speaking with your representative, I felt completely at ease with understanding how the diamond resale market works.  Not to mention, The Diamond Valet offered a Sight Unseen offer for my ring of $1,100 – and that was before they had even physically handled the diamond! Long story short, I was glad I found The Diamond Valet.  The entire process, from speaking to your company to receiving payment for my ring took about 5 business days once I decided to send my ring in for purchase evaluation.  I was totally relieved and really enjoyed working with your company.  You guys really know your stuff.  And, you took all of the mystery and stress out of selling an item that once had sentimental value, but had become unworn and unloved.  You made it easy and convenient.  Thank you. I feel like we both received a fair deal.”

We have been buying diamonds from our customers for a long time now.  We enjoy working with each and every client to enhance the experience and to make you completely comfortable with the selling process.  We know it’s not easy to find a jeweler who will actually take the time to carefully evaluate your diamond ring or diamond jewelry.  For us, looking at diamonds, evaluating the quality of a diamond and assessing the proper market value is one dynamic part of providing our customers the best experience possible with The Diamond Valet.  Every client is different and so is every diamond.  It takes a knowledgeable diamond expert to properly consider all of the factors to arrive at a value for your item.

When you’re ready to sell diamonds, give us a try – we won’t let you down.

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