Patriot Compliance / AML Statement

Company Information – Statement of Primary Business

The Diamond Valet is a consumer and wholesale buying and selling service for polished and faceted diamonds in the United States of America.  The company operates a First Class consumer shipment service for the evaluation of fine quality diamonds.  TDV grades and evaluates diamonds according to strict industry standards.  The company may buy or sell diamonds within the diamond trade and also may buy / sellto the general public.

Final Offers and Payments For Diamonds

Once evaluation is confirmed with a GIA Diamond Graduate, a Final Purchase Offer dollar value may be offered as payment for a consumer item, such as an engagement ring, or solitaire pendant.  Payment is made only by Branch Bank & Trust (PA) in the form of company check, bank check, money order or direct bank wire (no ACH).  Payment may also be made by Paypal, to a confirmed and verified Paypal user and account.  Payments in cash to known individuals will be made at the sole discretion of the company’s Patriot Act / AML Program Compliance Offer and will be reported to the paying bank as required by law.  Prior to payment, a consumer signature is required on a company intake report along with a copy of current U.S. State Driver’s License or United States Passport which must match the shipping address or be supported by a change of address card, or other third-party documentation, such as a bank statement or utility bill.

Anti-Money Launder Compliance Officer

Craig R. Nusinov, owner, is the acting Compliance Officer for the TDV Patriot Act Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Program.  The acting Compliance Officer is responsible for the update of this statement, the review of all customer transactions, the review of all bank records and company disbursements and the authority to rescind Purchase Offers made by Principals or employees of The Diamond Valet.  As such, the Compliance Officer shall be responsible for the review and or submission of any required bank SAR reports, or internal TDV itemization records.  As required by Federal law, the Compliance Office will amend all relevant policies in accordance with current requirements with the Federal law.

Cooperation with Local, State and Federal Authorities

The Diamond Valet confirms a working relationship with it’s clientele.  If at any point in a transaction any suspicious activity ensues, the employees and Principals of the company will immediately report such activity via email or verbal report to the Compliance Officer.  The Diamond Valet cooperates with all Local, State and Federal authorities.  All purchase transactions are reported as required to: The District Attorney of York County Pennsylvania, 45 N. George Street, 17401, ATTN: PM Reports.

Internal Records and Forms

For a copy of this statement, a copy of the State of Pennsylvania Reporting Form, or a copy of the company Suspicious Transaction Form, please contact  Forms are provided in Microsoft Word or .PDF format.

Updated February 19, 2019