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Customer Feedback

Over the years and in many facets of the jewelry industry, we’ve satisfied many customers. The Diamond Valet treats every customer transaction with priority and excellent service. Below are some of the great testimonials we’ve received from customers.

You guys do what you say. Thank you for the prompt and professional service.

Jenny, O., NC

I would be happy to recommend you to my friends and family. Your customer service was impeccable, I greatly appreciated your timely replies with updates, and your offer was very adequate in my eyes. I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and for making this process so easy on my part. Have a wonderful week and thank you for everything!

Cassandra M., Georgia

I found your site about a week ago among all of the so called diamond buying companies on the internet. Most, if not all of the companies I contacted seemed uninterested in actually answering the questions I had about selling my diamond ring. I had inherited the diamond from my mother and wished to sell the ring and split the proceeds among my two children. Your staff made it super easy and I was very pleased with your offer. I also can’t believe how fast you worked – your customer service representative, Craig, was a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

Barbara L., Madison, WI

Craig – I will accept your offer.  I just wanted to say “Thank You” so much for your honesty and for making me feel so comfortable through this process.  I will highly recommend your company!

Lisa G., Idaho

Thank you so much for the advice.  Definitely above and beyond the call.  Even though I did not sell my diamond ring at this time, I do appreciate your help very much.

Allison P., CO

My selling experience was great. Your Return shipment box was really easy to use and your offer was very fair. I will definitely refer your service to anyone I know who might have a diamond ring to sell.

Gary H., Honolulu, HI

Being divorced for about two years now, the only thing left from my marriage was my engagement ring. Why I still had it I am not sure, but after speaking with Craig at your company, I realized it was time to move on. Thank you – I am so glad I sold to The Diamond Valet. The experience was great and I feel relieved.

Abby G., Minnesota, MI

There is no question your company cares about it’s customers. I was really confused about how to sell my diamond ring and had conflicting information from friends. Your company representative really took the time via email and with a phone conversation to make me understand how it works and what my options were. It was a pleasure, thank you.

John L., Huntington Beach, CA

I tried craigslist, then ebay. No luck. Then I had a conversation with Craig, the Client Service Manager in your customer service group. He explained my options and gave me an idea of what I could receive for my diamond ring. Although I did not sell to The Diamond Valet, I feel like I have a trusted company I can use when I am ready to sell. Thank you for the help and advice.

Michael C., New Orleans, LA