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The Importance of a GIA Certified & Trained Diamond Graduate Gemologist

You have come to our company because you are interested in selling your diamond. If your diamond is larger than .47 carats, the best way to maximize the sale price is to have a GIA Certified and trained Diamond Graduate Gemologist evaluate your item. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is THE benchmark for diamond certifications across the globe. The difference between utilizing a GIA Diamond Graduate Gemologist and you ‘local jeweler’ can mean better service, complete diamond evaluations and ultimately more money in your pocket.

Here at The Diamond Valet we have a trained expert GIA Diamond Graduate on staff, in the office. Craig Nusinov, Diamond Graduate and Alumni of the Gemological Institute of America lives and breathes the evaluation of diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Craig brings years of direct gemologist experience to The Diamond Valet. When your diamond ring, earrings or any other diamond item is received in our office, Craig is the final word on the evaluation and characteristics of your item.

The importance of a having a Graduate Diamond Gemologist in-house, on staff can not be over emphasized. If your diamond is evaluated by a lesser trained individual, there is nearly a 100% chance that at least one of the characteristics of your item (the 4C’s) will be inaccurate, thus affecting the amount of money you might receive for your item. Sometimes, just the difference in a Color grade, or a Clarity grade can mean the difference between hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Bottom line – if you plan to sell your diamond, please PLEASE consider a company with a GIA trained Graduate Diamond Gemologist in-house. There are many operators in the diamond market who do not always provide 100% of the truth when it comes to the evaluation of your item. Do not let these types of operators pay less than the true, market value of the diamond.

At The Diamond Valet, we handle it all the way. And with a GIA Diamond Graduate. on staff, we are always confident that the offer we make is based on the latest techniques for evaluating a diamond and not a local jeweler’s opinion.

Begin your evaluation today by filling out the Evaluation Form to the right. The evaluation costs nothing and if you are ready to sell, we are ready to make an offer!