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We Buy Diamonds, Jewelry & Fine Watches

Throw Us The Keys!

At our company, The Diamond Valet, we have a saying: “Throw us the keys, and we will take care of the rest”.

Just like when you pull up to that fancy restaurant with valet service.  Before you know it, you are inside, enjoying drinks and dinner. Your experience with our company will be the same!   And before you know it, you will receive a check payment from The Diamond Valet!

As generational dealers, we are tied well into global diamond dealer networks with favored diamond wholesalers and retailers.  Over the years, we have cultivated a team within our network that understands the diamond market top to bottom, from round brilliants to colored diamonds, fancy shapes and everything in between.

We Are The Eyes For You!

When we receive your diamond ring or diamond jewelry item, we immediately inspect your items using the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) benchmark standards.  Your item is inspected and carefully evaluated by a GIA Diamond Graduate diamond gemologist, or a GIA Graduate Gemologist.  All of the characteristics of the diamond are noted, measured and estimated, so that we have a very thorough understanding of your particular diamond.  Our expert eyes provide our competitive network dealers with a complete description so that a price and value can be offered to you!  Your evaluation is completed usually within 2 business days of receipt in our offices.

Before you sell, or begin the selling process, ask yourself a simple question.  Do you want the best evaluation experience possible?  Or, do you want to deal with a local jeweler, likely uninterested in actually paying you for your diamond.

In other words, do you want to go to your local burger joint?  Or, would you rather experience valet service at a nice steakhouse, where your experience is nothing short of first class?

We would take the second choice!