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Why did we launch

Why did we create our new internet site?  Simple – we wanted give our internet customers an entirely new way to sell diamonds, unwanted diamond ring, diamond earrings, diamond bracelet or other diamond jewelry.  As a fourth generation diamond expert and GIA Diamonds graduate, I knew there was a better way to serve our customers.  Along with our company principals and company staff, we’ve planted our flag in the internet landscape to give our customers the best overall experience when selling a diamond ring or diamond jewelry.
Let’s face the facts.  Smaller boutique jewelry stores around the country just do not have the buying power or competitive technologies to properly service internet customers.  It takes more than a 10 page web site with a contact form.  We’ve been building our internet business one customer at a time, providing better competitive offers and more efficient service.  And our clients [love our service] (link to Testimonials page).  Think about it, would you rather deal with a local jeweler, who takes a low-ball shot at buying your diamond?  Or, would you rather work with a company that has access to secure shipment solutions, global trade pricing data and a history of always putting the client first?  
The Diamond Valet is here to help you obtain the best price possible for your diamond ring and diamond jewelry.  More importantly, if you are divorced or you’ve inherited a ring you will just never wear – give us a call or email.  We’ve done it a thousand times and we know we have the right solution for you.  Check out our new site, send us [email] or call us toll-free (1-888-895-8463) to tell us about what you are trying to sell.  We will be happy to provide you with the best options for getting the best price you can!
At The Diamond Valet – we handle it All The Way!