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You Get What You Sell For

No doubt, you have heard the expression ‘you get what you pay for’. Here at The Diamond Valet, we believe ‘you get what you sell for’. Seems painfully obvious, but many of our clients unfortunately attempt to sell a diamond ring or a piece of fine jewelry without really understanding WHO they are selling to. With the proliferation of gold buyers, diamond buyers and watch buyers, it certainly can be confusing for you to determine who really knows what they are doing in the diamond profession.

At The Diamond Valet, we create a unique and personal interaction with our clients. No matter if through email, phone call, personal appointment or a FaceTime / Skype call, our Client Managers take the time to understand exactly what you have and it’s unique value. When we receive accolades from our clients like ‘you are an honorable company’, or ‘it was a pleasure doing business with you’, we know we are on the right track with treating our clients as we would want to be treated.

It is really simple, but so many new dealers in the gold and diamond market really have little idea of how to treat a client, how to value merchandise and how to actually make a transaction happen in a timely manner. We have heard a couple of horror stories about certain dealers – a few bad apples can spoil the bunch.

When you transact with our company either in person or via our exclusive internet courier services, you will receive:

1) Courteous and professional respect, from start to finish. We value every client, from a $100 sale to a $1,000,000 sale.

2) Prompt communication and evaluation of your items. Once in hand, we evaluate and make our Purchase Offers within 24 hours. Not days, not weeks and we certainly do not keep you in limbo.

3) Prompt payment. Money is money, and when it’s yours, you deserve to have it quickly. No hemming and hawing on our part. When we make an offer, we stand ready to issue payment immediately for your items. We offer payment via First Class mail, expedited Federal Express / UPS, bank wire, cashier check and company check.

We can all agree that 20 years later, the internet has become a powerful tool for consumers and business to reach each other in a safe and secure manner. After all, if you can buy a diamond or diamond jewelry from an internet retailer, it certainly makes sense to sell to an internet buyer like The Diamond Valet when the time is right. You no longer need to make that visit to your local jeweler or pawnshop to conduct your transaction and you will most likely receive a much better offer! Explore your options with a quick call or email, or simply complete the form to the right.

Check out our site. Contact us with any questions. Or, if you are just looking for honest advice, give us a call or an email. And remember, ‘you get what you sell for’.